Los Angeles Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Federal and California laws have come a long way over the past few decades when it comes to protecting the rights of individuals regardless of their gender. While most corporations faithfully attempt to meet the mandates of the law, many employers still fail to treat men and women on equal footing in the workplace. When a clear pattern of discrimination leaves you believing that you are not being provided equal opportunities because of your gender, we can help you pursue compensation and damages.

At the Farley Law Firm, our Los Angeles gender discrimination attorney is committed to achieving justice and holding offending employers responsible for their wrongdoing. We put decades of experience, significant resources and the ability to take on companies of any size to work for your case. For more information about our legal services or to schedule an appointment, contact the firm online or by calling 310-445-4024 today.

Los Angeles and Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer Handling Difficult Cases

Gender workplace discrimination claims can be complicated cases to prove, whether the victim is a man or a woman. Whether the incident involves sexual harassment or denial of an opportunity because your boss or manager believes someone of another gender is more equipped to handle the job or task, you need definitive proof of his or her reasoning to be successful. Additionally, it is often your word against your employer’s and it can be hard to find co-workers who will be witnesses to support you if they fear they may be penalized or lose their own jobs.

Moreover, not only do judges and juries require persuasive evidence of patterns of discrimination, you also need compelling evidence to prove motive and meet the definition of gender discrimination under the current law. There are numerous reasons why an employee might be passed over for advancement or terminated; proving that the intention of the employer stemmed from discrimination is not often easy.

With more than 27 years of experience handling discrimination claims, and a proven track record of success, Farley Law Firm will aggressively pursue your case and we coordinate extensively with clients in uncovering the crucial evidence we need to pursue your case. With this evidence, we then pursue effective employment litigation strategies in and out of court.

Whether your company routinely passes over more qualified women for advancement in favor of men or has retaliated against or wrongfully terminated employees for pregnancy or family medical leave issues, we can help you successfully pursue your gender discrimination claim. To schedule a free initial consultation or to speak with an attorney, contact the firm online or by calling 310-445-4024.