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The law provides certain requirements that dictate how employers are expected to treat employees in regards to meal breaks, rest breaks, overtime pay, regular wages and reimbursement for work-related expenses. In an effort to save money and increase productivity, employers sometimes cut corners at the detriment to employees. If you are an employee in such a situation, you can fight to protect your right rights by filing a wage and hour class action suit.

California Overtime Pay Class Action Attorney

At the Farley Law Firm, we have experience assisting Californians in Los Angeles, Irvine, Pasadena, Burbank and surrounding areas with legal matters in a variety of practice areas. Attorney Gregg Farley has handled scores of class actions during his career and is the past co-chair of the Class Actions and Derivative Suits Committee of the ABA’s Litigation Section. Gregg has the necessary experience handling complex wage and hour disputes to get results. To speak with an attorney about your legal matter contact the firm online or by calling 310-445-4024.

California wage and hour litigation is complex and always changing. At the Farley Law Firm, we stay abreast of new court decisions and statutes in order to continue providing exceptional service to our clients. We are prepared to handle these disputes in state and federal courts, and we will provide a comprehensive investigation of your situation before preparing a strong case. Our experience and resources allow us to fight for the greatest recoveries possible for our clients.

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